Does this look like food-truck food?

Sometimes life emulates the movies — like when a restaurant chef decides to ditch his chef’s whites for the food-truck life. Jon Favreau did it in Chef, scrapping his tired chocolate lava cake in favor of Cuban street food. Here in Denver, Brandon Becker, who has worked as executive chef at Red Square Euro Bistro and Blackbird Public House, is launching a new food truck called Cirque Kitchen — but with a twist. In addition to standard walk-up service, Becker’s truck will also be used as a mobile kitchen for multi-course pop-up dinners.

Before the pop-up dinners begin, Cirque Kitchen will roll with a menu of rice bowls and sandwiches built on Venezuelan-style arepas. Dishes will rotate every eight weeks or so and will be based on street food from different countries. "My purpose in life is to connect people through food," Becker explains. "I want to bring Denver together through street food from around the world."

In case you haven’t traveled to Venezuela or sampled the country’s cuisine here in Colorado, an arepa is a thick corn-flour cake that’s generally griddled (resulting in a crisp exterior and a fluffy interior), split in two and stuffed with meats, cheese, beans, plantains or other Latin American foods. Becker’s arepa recipe is traditional, but his fillings are inspired by regional sandwiches from the U.S. and abroad; already planned are arepas fashioned after a pork-belly banh mi, a Maine lobster roll and a Philly cheesesteak. Rice bowls will come topped with other globally inspired combos like tuna poke or Thai curry chicken.

The Cirque Kitchen will be ready to roll in May.

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