Denver is a bustling city that draws in business professionals for work in their fields, and sometimes conventions. Millions more come in and out of there to be tourists, either locally or throughout the Rockies. However, the first time some people come here is sadly when a relative of their’s that lived here. They have to fly in to settle their estate and clear out the house of possessions so it can go on market.

Many families that do something like this usually pass through everything once, making sure they pack up anything they want to keep. Momentos, items that trigger memories, family heirlooms, photos, and even a car might be things worth keeping. Everything else is usually cleared out.

If a family is on a clock, as in having to get everything done before flying out, they can’t really arrange an estate sale. So, a lot of things just get donated to a charity in Denver. That’s a great way to leave their relative’s legacy in the community they lived in, and it also conveniently avoids throwing things away needlessly or shipping too much home.

The only thing is that one has to be careful which Denver charity gets what. Some charities might need certain things, but others don’t. For instance, bedding and clothes might be appreciated at a shelter more so than other places.

Goodwill stores take most anything from a home, but there are other similar stores in the Denver area. Still, you have to watch out as some are actual charities, and others are just not for profits. That means that they don’t donate their proceeds entirely, like Goodwill does, but instead a portion of their net revenue instead of gross, which is a little tricky to understand sometimes.